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  1. Establishment of first ever clonal seed orchards of tree species
  2. Application of tissue culture technology and standardization of protocols for 65 orchid species and hybrids apart from 4 tree species
  3. Vegetative propagation techniques of Taxus andHlicium
  4. Development of indigenous technique for control of pests in nursery for Michelia champaca.
  5. The second Asian collection of an Endangered snakes viz. O. erithrorachis
  6. First ever attempt on ethno-zoological studies.
  7. Establishment of Referral Zoological Museum
  8. Screening of forest trees for oil
  9. Development of SALT Model on hill slopes
  10. Development of orchids as a supplemental economic Kesource for the state.
  11. Development of 5 new registered hybrids of orchids.
  12. Transfer of technology from lab. to land and promotion of private venture in orchid farming.
  13. Largest collection of Orchid species in India over 550 species.
  14. The first ever Orchid Sanctuary in India Established.
  15. Botanical Survey in remote areas highlighting the importance of biodiversity in sustainable development.
  16. Establishment of largest bambusetum and canetum in N E India.
  17. Studies on NTFPs especially bamboo, cane and medicinal plant resource and distribution highlighting their economic potential in the state.
  18. Introduction and trial of fast growing tree species like: Mangium, Pawlonia, Poplar, and bamboos like PhyJloslachyspubescence, Dendrocalamus asper etc.
  19. Development of 8 preservation plots, 15 observation plots and 28 sample plots. Standardization of bark harvesting techniques of Oroxylum itidicum & Litsea spp.
  20. Capsule courses in Tissue-culture.
  21. Publication of Books, bulletins extension material and Arunachal Forest News - the only research journal from the state.
  22. Recognition of the institute by Universities as centre for Ph.D. Three students got Ph.D. so far.
  23. Completion of Arunachal Pradesh State Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan - A Report
  24. Setting up of Arunachal Pradesh Forest Research and Development Agency (APFRDA) - a registered society during 2002. APFRDA is a charitable non-political and non-profit making agency with the objective of facilitating Research and Development, Conservation and Management, Documentation and Extension services in the areas of forests and environment. This agency is people friendly as it involves Civil Society Organizations(CSOs)/NGOs, Entrepreneurs and rural masses in forest related Research and Development activities in collaboration with FDAs and VFMCs. APFRDA is the fastest agency to coordinate and carry out research related projects. It plays vital role in dissemination of lab to. land programmes to the farmers communicates, entrepreneurs, CSOs and government agencies. So far APFRDA has completed 24 research projects 13 on going projects with 7 proposed projects.


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