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Identifying local needs, the Institute aims to significantly increase the understanding and information levels on biodiversity, its conservation and sustainable use recognizing the contributions of local and indigenous communities to the conservation and sustainable utilization of biological diversity through traditional knowledge, practices and innovations. It also aims to integrate strong elements and guidelines on equitable sharing of benefits with such people arising from the utilization of their knowledge, practices and innovations. The broad objectives are:

I. Research & Developement:

  1. Inventory and Documentation of the biological diversity and ecology encompassing the understanding of community and traditional knowledge and practices including customary rights, ethics etc. relevant to biodiversity.
  2. Genetic improvement programme including Biotechnology applications and traditional biotechnology and development of appropriate technological package ensuring bio safety.
  3. Silvicultural study programme on important forest crops and development of appropriate cultivation and management package.
  4. Establishment of Referral Herbarium and Museum.

II. Conservation and Management:

  1. Ex-situ Conservation through evaluation of Germ-plasm useful in forestry and allied subjects and establishment of Germ-plasm Bank and different model nurseries, farms and silvicultural plots.
  2. In-situ Conservation through tissue culture and Cryo-preservation


III. Extension and Documentation:

  1. Creation of State Biodiversity Information System, including Networking and information dissemination System.
  2. Consultancy Service to public functionaries and user agencies.
  3. Technology transfer through training and extension services including Eco-awareness education.
  4. Library and Documentation service.
In tune with the above objectives, the institute has identified areas of work and drawn up different projects / programmes as follows conforming to the research priority set up by the state government
  • Undertake studies on Ex-situ and in-situ conservation of natural resources of flora and fauna.
  • Evolve appropriate agroforestry techniques for restoring degraded forests and environment and to provide alternative means of earning and upliftment of rural economy.
  • Study biological diversity and maintain and evaluate the germ-plasrn useful in forestry and allied subjects.
  • Breeding, improvement and micropropagation of native as well as suitable exotic species.
  • Provide training and extension services to the foresters, researchers and entrepreneurs engaged in forestry activities, forest based industries, Government agencies, local farmers and CSOs.
  • Create a data base on forestry and allied subjects.
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