Arunachal Pradesh is one of the richest states in genetic bio-diversity, variability & speciation of plant species. Hence the man made forests irrespective of afforestation or reforestation has taken the lead over natural regeneration by raising about 15 thousand hectare plantation of different tree species every year in the territory. Unless we use the certified quality seeds for plantation, we can not predict the future of those plantation in terms of survival, growth, clear bole, disease and pest resistance and quality of wood etc and therefore the fluctuation in target i.e. maximum timber production per unit area in a time bound manner is bound to affect if the research priorities are not attended and accelerated.

At the same time, demands for wood are increasing. Tree improvement is one avenue by which we can increase both future wood volume and value. Hence tree improvement is a vital component of modern forestry. Accordingly, objectives and achievements of genetic divisions are given below.





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