The task of this division is to botanically explore the state and bring out the economical potential particularly the non timber forest produce like bamboo, cane, medicinal plants etc. in addition to documentation of ethnobotanical and traditional knowledge of the local communities. Noteworthy achievements are:

Workshop/ Training Programme Conducted:

  1. A training workshop on Medicinal and Aromatic plants cultivation and management for sustainable development at Boleng East Siang District on 24 th Nov 2003 was organized by State Forest Research Institute in collaboration with Yuba Vikash Sangathan; Arunachal Pradesh where 68 persons from different village attended. Scientist from Regional Research Institute (Ay), State Medicinal Plants Board participated and stressed on the cultivation of medicinal plants for their economic earning. Simultaneously an exhibition also organized by SFRI displaying medicinal and aromatic plants of Arunachal Pradesh with their uses, marketing prospects etc. Shri L R. Bhuyan, TA from SFRI participated in the programme.
  2. Training workshop plants on medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation and management for sustainable development in Arunachal Pradesh was organized by Yuva Vikash Sangathan in collaboration with State Forest Research Institute, at Pangin on 25 th March 2003 where 21 persons participated from surrounding villages. An exhibition on medicinal and aromatic plants was also conducted by SFRI coinciding with the programme and attracted the farmers towards cultivation of aromatic plants like Vanilla, Homalomema etc and medicinal plants like R. serpentina, Pipli etc. Shri L. R. Bhuyan, TA participated from SFRI in the workshop.
  3. A training workshop on Bamboo cultivation and management for sustainable development in Arunachal Pradesh was organized at Along on 27-28 November, 2003 by SFRI and Yuba Vikash Sangathan, Arunachal Pradesh. Shri L. R. Bhuyan of SFRI practically demonstrated on vegetative propagation of bamboo from branch and culm cutting and delivered a speech on bamboo of Arunachal Pradesh and its cultivation.
  4. A seminar cum workshop on cultivation of medicinal plants was organized by R. K. Mossang Memorial Society, Jairampur sponsored by SFRI on 30 th October, 2003. shri Anok Wangsa, Hon’ble Minister of Trade and Commerce with BADP of A. P. graced the program as the Chief Guest, Shri G. A. Kinhal, IFS, coordinator FRLHT, Bangalore attended the workshop and honoured two farmers of medicinal plants namely Shri Chow Charli Monpang, Lathow and Shri S. Chombey of Senge with cash award of RS. 5000/- and certificate to each of them for achievement in herbal healing and cultivation of medicinal plants. More than 132 participants from Nampong, Manmao, Jairampur, Miao, Chowkham, and Senge attended the workshop.
  5. A Kishan Mela on medicinal plants was organized by Essomi Foundation, Roing sponsored by SFRI, Itanagar and RRL, Jorhat where more than 108 farmers participated from Lower and Upper Dibang Valley district. An exhibition on medicinal plants was also organized by SFRI and seedlings distributed to the farmes.
  6. A training workshop was organized by R. K. Mossang Memorial Society, Jairampur on cultivation and management of medicinal and aromatic plants on 28/6/2004 where representatives of SFRI participated as resource person and organised an exhibition on medicinal and aromatic plants.
  7. A seminar on Ayurvedic medicine was organized by RRI (Ay), itanagar on 10-11 th June, 2004. SFRI participated on the seminar and exhibited medicinal plants of A. P. Dr. S. N. Hegde, Director, SFRI and Shri L. R. Bhuyan T. A. presented two paper on the seminar.


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